Humanity First Survey

Thank you for your interest in providing feedback on the current iteration of the Humanity First prototype. Humanity First is being developed to support organisations and individuals working with technology on humanitarian challenges to investigate the consequences of their products or services, address risks, and engage people and communities as decision-makers in the design process.

We are seeking feedback for this iteration of work via a survey, supported by a PDF booklet, that details the current prototype and provides additional context. Some of the pages in the PDF booklet feature a lot of detail that is best viewed in full screen, rather than mobile or tablet form.

This survey will be open from 20 December 2022 - 20 January 2023 and is intended for all people working on (or interested in) humanitarian and social challenges, and/or working with technology.

Additional opportunities to help shape this work will be available in early 2023. Please register your interest via the survey, or reach out to the project lead Sam Clifford to find out more.

We look forward to sharing some of the insights that emerge in this testing stage, join us on our Humanitech Community Slack to stay up to date.

Step one: Review the Humanity First prototype

Step two: Complete the survey


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