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Humanitech is a think + do tank which seeks to shape the future for all humanity by harnessing the power of technology for good. By convening the best minds working at the intersection of technology and social innovation, Humanitech explores the role of emerging technology in meeting humanitarian need, creates evidence through sharing, collaboration, research and experimentation, amplifies ideas and solutions with the greatest potential for scale and impact, and, influences so that emerging technology serves humanity by putting people at the core and in control.

About the Humanitech Summit

Civil society organisations are experimenting with frontier technologies to adapt to increasingly complex needs and operating environments. With the help of these tools, we are creating new ways to mobilise people and resources so we can better support communities in need.

At the same time, recent experiences with the uses of data and technology to automate, predict, monitor and target illustrate a host of potential harms. From the rise of the so-called digital welfare state to the rapid introduction of digital solutions in response to COVID-19, we've seen how such tools can expose people and communities to new forms of intrusion, insecurity and inequality.

Our inaugural Humanitech Summit was a collective exploration examining how frontier technologies can be used in ways that benefit people and society. Delivered virtually, the day showcased leading thinkers and practitioners exploring ‘humanity first’ approaches to data and technology through insightful presentations, fireside chats, panels and interactive exercises exploring the burning issues at the intersection of technology and humanity.

How do we earn the trust of vulnerable people and communities to ensure that the benefits of technology are widely shared, and the risks are addressed?

How do we ensure community voices and civil society are at the centre and involved in generating insights and developing digital prototypes, in evidence-based decision-making about impacts, and as part of new ‘business as usual’?

How can we let go of power and control? Who knows better? What trade-offs are we making and at what point are trade-offs unacceptable regardless of potential benefits? How are we challenging our unspoken assumptions about data and tech?

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