Technology can help us to address some of the world's biggest humanitarian challenges.

Humanitech is an initiative of Australian Red Cross exploring the role of technology in meeting humanitarian need.

We focus on leveraging the opportunities it presents to benefit all people and communities, while addressing its risks to society.

We convene partners across sectors to create insights into the humanitarian impact of technology, test and amplify innovative approaches to technological design, and influence for safe, equitable and inclusive uses of data and technology.

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Heatwaves: Using technology to understand and respond to climate change

Learn more about how Australian Red Cross has partnered with Climasens, a climate intelligence platform, to pilot an approach that utilises technology to identify people most at-risk during heatwaves.

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Humanity First: a new approach guiding ethical technology development

Humanity First is being developed to support organisations and individuals working with technology on humanitarian problems. It centres communities in the design, development and use of technology to maximise its benefits and reduce its risk of harm.

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Humanitech pays respects to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander custodians of the country where we work, and to Elders, past and present. 

Learn about the Australian Red Cross Reconciliation Action Plan and how we can all make reconciliation real. 

This website may contain the images, voices or names of people who have passed away.

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