Technology for  

Humanitech is dedicated to harnessing the power of technology for good.

We believe technology can drive positive change that’s sustainable and scalable. We focus on leveraging the opportunities it presents to benefit all people and communities while addressing its risks to society. To grow this movement, we’re building a community between leaders, start-ups, institutions, and advocates to ensure technology’s a force for good.

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How we create impact:

  • We support and scale technologies that put people and communities first. 
  • We convene leaders, start-ups, humanitarians, and advocates to pioneer new ways of working together. 
  • We build tools that support others to apply humanity-first principles to new technology for a better world. 

Our three focus areas:


Enhance human safety and wellbeing in the digital age 


Create opportunities for new forms of civic, social and economic participation 


Enhance meaningful engagement between people and with institutions 

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