Reports, publications and recordings on the humanitarian implications of technology.


Humanity First

Technology can help us tackle complex social challenges and empower communities. The Humanity First prototype seeks to realise this potential by ensuring tools and systems are developed in ways that safeguard people’s rights and dignity.

Future of Vulnerability

The Future of Vulnerability: Humanity in the Digital Age invites a conversation around the complex questions about the vulnerabilities frontier technologies can introduce or heighten. It also highlights opportunities for collaborative exploration to develop and promote 'humanity first' approaches to data and technology.



Traverse is an Australian Red Cross case study of the creation, design, and end of a digital identity platform. Although Traverse was shut down, it provides learnings for Red Cross and the wider humanitarian sector on the specific technologies of blockchain and Web3 and the humanitarian sector’s approach to developing and adopting innovative technologies.


Humanitech Lab Projects

A video series that shares the insights and impact of projects taking place through the Humanitech Lab, where technology is being designed and developed alongside communities to tackle humanitarian challenges.

Humanitech Summit 2022

The Humanitech Summit is Humanitech's flagship event exploring how frontier technologies can be used in ways that benefit people and society. Watch the presentations, fireside chats, and panel discussions exploring the burning issues at the intersection of technology and humanity.

2022 ADM+S Symposium

The 2022 ADM+S Symposium showcases cross- and multi-disciplinary approaches to responsible, ethical and inclusive automated services with national and international research, policy and practice agendas, and showcase outcomes. 

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