Humanitech - About Us

About us

Technological innovation can help us to address the impacts of climate change, better respond to disasters, and empower communities.  

However, technological progress comes at a price, often at the expense of the most vulnerable in our society, as these tools and systems create new forms of intrusion, insecurity and inequality. 

Humanitech was established by Australian Red Cross, with support from founding partner Telstra Foundation, to explore approaches to designing and using technology where the benefits are shared equitably and risks are addressed.  

We collaborate with some of the brightest minds across sectors and disciplines and draw upon community wisdom to co-create evidence and ensure people and communities are at the centre of our work. 

Advisory Group

Penny Harrison

Director Volunteering, Australian Red Cross

Jackie Coates

Head of Telstra Foundation

Professor Julian Thomas

Director Centre of Excellence on Automated Decision-Making and Society

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