Joining forces for global climate solutions

Joining forces for community climate resilience

Joining forces for global climate solutions

QBE Foundation, Leading Cities and Australian Red Cross Humanitech have partnered to enable global communities to adapt to climate-related impacts.

With this partnership, we have the reach and scale required to address some of the humanitarian impacts of climate change.

This partnership aims to redefine the way tech innovation empowers communities to adapt to climate-related impacts.

What does the partnership mean?

QBE Foundation is focused is on creating strong, resilient and inclusive global communities, working in partnership with community organisations to help address climate resilience and inclusion.

Leading Cities is a world-leading accelerator and incubator, dedicated to empowering cities to become more resilient, equitable, and sustainable.

Australian Red Cross Humanitech is a unique innovation program as part of the world’s biggest humanitarian movement, bridging the gap between community and technology.

Identifying the next-in-tech solutions with QBE AcceliCITY

The QBE AcceliCITY Resilience Challenge will launch on 1 April. The Humanitarian Track welcomes entries from all entrepreneurs, changemakers and innovators who have community-led software solutions for climate adaptation.

A world-changing opportunity

The challenge is an opportunity for participants to find solutions for an  Australian Red Cross real-world climate related problem.

How the QBE AcceliCITY Resilience Challenge Humanitarian Track works

  • Tech entrepreneurs from around the world can enter the Humanitarian Track.
  • Selected entrepreneurs will be taken through a virtual innovation program,  centered around climate adaptation for global communities.
  • The winner of the challenge will receive a paid pilot in Australia through Australian Red Cross.
  • All Humanitarian Track applicants are automatically entered into the Smart City Track for the $100,000 USD grand prize.