Humanitech Summit Insights Report

Humanitech Summit is Australia’s flagship annual event at the intersection of frontier technologies, social innovation, and humanitarian action.  

Heat Action Day: Can technology help us to beat the heat?

On 14th June 2022, Red Cross has launched the world's first Heat Action Day to raise awareness about the growing risks that heatwaves pose to our health, along with steps to stay safe from this silent emergency.

New funding announced for three Australian start-ups harnessing the power of technology for good

Humanitech, an initiative of Australian Red Cross, has announced funding for three local initiatives addressing humanitarian challenges through the innovative use of frontier technologies.

Ensuring frontier technologies benefit people and society on the agenda at Humanitech Summit

Australia’s leading Summit at the intersection of technology and humanity will put the spotlight on the pressing societal issues arising from technological progress.

Tech for good — what does it actually look like?

New and emerging technologies have the potential to cause both great benefit and harm — yet the processes designed to develop and use these technologies rarely consider the humanitarian and social costs. How can technology be used for good? What does this look like? Who gets a say? These are some of the questions we are exploring at Humanitech, an initiative of Australian Red Cross, dedicated to harnessing the transformational power of technology for good.

Technology for Society series: a partnership promoting the responsible use of frontier technologies

Humanitech, powered by Australian Red Cross, and the ARC Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision-Making and Society (ADM+S) have partnered to launch a series that brings together researchers, humanitarians, and industry leaders to discuss the critical issues emerging at the intersection of humanity and new technologies.

Dignity Dilemmas, Design and Tech: Reflections on stories shared in a recent CPI and Humanitech event

“What does it mean to actually design very intentionally for those moments of laughing alongside everybody else? I think that’s ultimately what we’re trying to achieve. Seeing the individual, making sure they’re seen & heard’

Meet six organisations tackling the toughest challenges facing humanity

From creating drinking water from sunlight and air, to using AI and machine learning to combat digital misinformation among First Nations communities, Humanitech has announced grants to six organisations who are harnessing the power of technology for good.

Can we harness the transformational power of emerging technology for good?

Much has been said on the harms that emerging technologies can and do bring. And rightly so — we have seen many instances where poorly designed or maliciously used technologies have caused harm, undermined values such as democracy and deepened inequalities, vulnerability and marginalisation.

Vaccine passports may be our way out — but not at any cost.

As we look at Europe, Australians can hope that 2022 will be different to the last 18 months which have been marked by lockdowns and border closures. What helped European countries open their borders were rising rates of vaccination supported by digital health tools that allow people to verify their Covid-19 immunity or negative test status.

Future of Vulnerability: Humanity in the Digital Age

We find ourselves at the crossroads of humanity and technology. It is time to put people and society at the centre of our technological choices.

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