Meet six organisations tackling the toughest challenges facing humanity

Meet six organisations tackling the toughest challenges facing humanity


From creating drinking water from sunlight and air, to using AI and machine learning to combat digital misinformation among First Nations communities, Humanitech has announced grants to six organisations who are harnessing the power of technology for good.

From a global pool of over 120 applicants, the first ever Humanitech Lab cohort has been selected. The organisations will apply frontier technologies in the Lab’s three focus areas: Disasters and Emergencies, Equity and Justice, and Climate Change.

Humanitech is a think and do tank that explores how social innovation and emerging technologies can help meet humanitarian needs. As an endorsed brand of Australian Red Cross with our founding partner, Telstra Foundation, Humanitech’s aim is to ensure that technology serves humanity by putting people at the centre and in control. We generate insights and amplify ideas through sharing, collaboration, research, and experimentation.

Meet the 2021 Humanitech Lab cohort:

Desert Knowledge Australia / Desert Knowledge Research Institute; Combating health disinformation in remote First Nations communities using AI/machine learning.

SOURCE Global; The world’s first renewable drinking water system creating sustainable drinking water for communities from sunlight and air.

Climasens; Climate intelligence enabling communities to assess, analyse and prepare for future heat impacts.

FloodMapp; For real-time flood forecasting, inundation modeling and emergency management

Sonnar Interactive Ltd; Harnessing the power of audio and voice technologies to open up the world for people with accessibility needs.

Good Hood; Enabling culturally safe, multilingual health communication by providing high-quality, culturally informed, translated health information.

The 6 organisations tackling the toughest challenges facing humanity in the Humanitech Lab 2021 cohort

“Working with these six organisations we are hoping to find unique ways to solve some pressing issues. From access to safe drinking water in First Nations communities, to mapping out the path of flood waters so immediate warnings can be provided to people at risk. We want to make these ideas reality and show how frontier technologies can be used to help humanity,” Alastair Pryor, Humanitech Lab Manager said.

“Language barriers have been an area of concern when it comes to combatting COVID-19. How great would it be if there was a straightforward way to provide culturally safe, multilingual health information? These are the types of challenges Humanitech Lab will work on with this year’s cohort,” Mr Pryor said.

“Telstra Foundation is thrilled to partner with Humanitech to support these six organisations who are using innovative tech solutions to tackle real-world, social and environmental problems,” said Jackie Coates, Head of Telstra Foundation.

Humanitech Lab participants will have access to industry experts and mentors, connections across sector and industry along with grants of up to $500,000 to validate, pilot and scale impact.

This is a unique opportunity combining funding, innovation, technical and community expertise to ensure that we are harnessing the power of frontier technologies to better serve humanity.

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