Humanitech Summit Insights Report

Humanitech Summit Insights Report


Humanitech Summit is Australia’s flagship annual event at the intersection of frontier technologies, social innovation, and humanitarian action.  

In its second year, Humanitech convened leading thinkers, makers and doers exploring ‘humanity first’ approaches to data and technology through insightful presentations, fireside chats, panel discussions, and interactive exercises exploring the burning issues at the juncture of technology and humanity. 

The 2022 Summit brought together industry, academia, government, and for purpose sector to discuss how can we design, use, and regulate frontier technologies with dignity, safety, and trust at the core.

The speakers shared diverse perspectives but were united by a common purpose – to realise the transformational opportunities of our time and to ensure the benefits of these technologies are shared equitably, and their harms addressed. 

“Frontier technologies can unlock our collective imagination, helping us address some of the most significant challenges facing humanity, enabling us to chase the possibilities for all." Amanda Robinson, Director, Humanitech 

Learn more about Humanitech Summit 2022 by reading the Insights Report.

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