QBE AcceliCITY Resilience Challenge successful applicants

Announcing the successful applicants.

Following a rigorous panel selection, we are proud to announce the final applicants for the QBE AcceliCITY Resilience Challenge - Humanitarian Track

After receiving an incredible 128 applications from around the world for the QBE AcceliCITY Resilience Challenge - Humanitarian Track, we can now reveal the final 11 successful and talented applicants who made it through to the next stage!

The challenge invited entrepreneurs from around the globe to submit their software solutions for community climate adaptation. and we received some incredible responses. Here are our chosen applicants:

  1. Climasens - climate resilience software, serving governments, businesses, and communities with artificial intelligence-driven, actionable climate risk intelligence and insights to help plan, prepare and respond to climate extremes.
  2. Communiti Labs - artificial intelligence-powered community engagement platform to empower engagement teams.
  3. Findspo - big data and artificial intelligence platform, connecting data ecosystems across humanity, fauna and flora, to promote sustainability and citizen wellbeing.
  4. Humanity Link - mobile communications platform to reshape community governance, merging data and dialogue for heightened resilience and collaboration.
  5. inCitu - transforming real-estate and planning data into Augmented Reality experiences to empower residents, industry professionals, and policymakers to collaborate around the process of urban change.
  6. Mercurio Analytics - empowering social service and government agencies to deliver healthy communities through artificial intelligent powered data and advanced analytics solutions.
  7. Peopled - tackling the challenge of connecting diverse stakeholders and fostering community resilience through real-time collaboration, data integration, and inclusive design.
  8. Salient Predictions - combining novel ocean and land-surface data with machine learning and climate expertise to deliver the world’s most accurate subseasonal-to-seasonal weather forecasts 2 to 52 weeks in advance.
  9. Sipremo - forecasts and monitors weather events and natural disasters, empowering companies and governments to make intelligent decisions in order to proactively address climate change.
  10. Trellyz - uniquely addressing the challenge of fragmented and inefficient service delivery across multiple sectors by providing a robust, many-to-many coordination and collaboration tool.
  11. WEO - democratises access to environmental information using data from space and artificial intelligence to build a more sustainable future.

After a rigorous panel selection made up of Australian Red Cross, Global Disaster Preparedness Centre, QBE Foundation and Leading Cities, our eleven lucky applicants have been selected to go forward and complete the Humanitarian Track Curriculum.

The carefully curated curriculum is intended to build the start-ups capacity to partner with Australian Red Cross and the broader humanitarian sector. Across 10 purpose designed sessions, an expert group of humanitarian practitioners, strategists, innovators and leading thinkers will guide the cohort through a diverse set of topics including meaningful co-creation with communities, how the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement collaborates and innovates, measuring their impact and building out their social impact business models.

All have the chance to become this year's winner who will win a paid pilot in Australia through Australian Red Cross. Follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook for all the latest updates in the coming months.