Humanitech - Lab

At Humanitech, we believe that frontier technologies can help us to address some of the biggest challenges facing humanity.

We explore new approaches to designing and developing technology, where the benefits are shared equitably amongst society and we reduce their potential for harm.

We do this by ensuring people and communities are at the centre of this work, collaborating with some of the best minds across sectors and drawing upon community wisdom to guide the design, development and implementation of new technology.

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To harness the potential of technology, we support organisations with grant funding that are applying frontier technology in one of our three focus areas. 

Humanitech Lab 3 stage approach

Stage 1: Validate

Duration: 3 months 

Funding: $50,000 each for 6 organisations

  • Develop, test and validate your solution
  • Build connections and networks across sectors and with community in a supportive environment
  • Access to industry experts and mentors


Stage 2: Pilot

Duration: 6 months 

Funding: $100,000 each for 3 organisations who are selected from Stage 1 

  • Collaborate with a community affected via our partner ecosystem

  • Access industry experts and mentors  
  • Pilot your solution 


Stage 3: Scale

Duration: 12 months 

Funding:  $500,000 for 1 organisation selected from Stage 2

  • Scale your solution in multiple environments. 


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