Humanitech Lab

Humanitech Lab

Exploring new approaches to using and scaling technology for good.

The Humanitech Lab is an innovation program harnessing technological innovation to meet social and humanitarian need.

Led by Australian Red Cross with the support of our founding partner Telstra Foundation, we explore new approaches to designing and developing technology for humanitarian impact.

We do this by partnering with start-ups using technology to tackle social and humanitarian problems and supporting them to validate, pilot and scale their impact. Through the Humanitech Lab, start-ups receive a unique opportunity to access grant funding, mentorship, network development and support to harness the opportunities provided by technological innovation to better serve humanity.

We support organisations with grant funding and capacity building that are applying technology in one of our three focus areas:

Organisations we've partnered with:

Humanitech Lab Case Studies:

Planning and preparing for heatwaves

Climasens: location-based climate intelligence

Building a location-based climate intelligence platform to support Australian communities and organisations to build climate resilience.

Creating impact-based flood warning systems

FloodMapp: real-time flood mapping

Increasing the effectiveness of flood warning systems through location-specific, real-time flood mapping.

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