Red Cross Privacy Collection Notice for Humanitech Summit 2023

Red Cross Privacy Collection Notice For Humanitech Summit 2023

Who is collecting
the information? 

Australian Red Cross Society (Red Cross)

Privacy concerns can be sent to: 
Privacy Officer 
Australian Red Cross 
23-47 Villiers Street 
03 9345 1800  or by email 

Facts and circumstances of collection 

Your personal information is being collected as part of your registration for the Humanitech Summit on behalf of Red Cross by TeamSlatts. 

You can access the TeamSlatts privacy collection statement at  

Your personal information is protected by law, including the Privacy Act 1988 and Australian Privacy Principles. You can visit the OAIC website for more information. 

Is the collection being made because a law or Court order applies?
No law or Court order applies to the collection of this information.

Why does Red Cross need to collect this information?

We need to collect this information so that we can do one, or more, of the following: 

  • enable you to participate in our activities or provide you with information about our activities 
  • to gain an understanding of your communication and participation needs, to provide services and analysis to improve the way in which we engage with you as a supporter. 
  • For impact measurement and evaluation purposes, to understand the impact our activities are having toward achieving our goals and outcomes. 

We also use your information for direct marketing. We use your information to promote our humanitarian activities and other services that we think will interest you. This marketing may be by email, phone, SMS, post or online.  

You are entitled to opt out of direct marketing at any time by emailing or calling 1800 RED CROSS (733 276).

The primary purpose for which the information is being collected

The primary purpose of collecting this information is to facilitate your registration and participation at the Humanitech Summit, and to provide you with information relating to the Humanitech Summit and Humanitech activities. 

The secondary purposes (if any) for which Red Cross is collecting this information

The secondary purpose of collecting this information is for evaluation and impact measurement and to report to our funders. Any information shared with our funders will be de-identified and will not include names, contact details or addresses.

What happens if Red Cross doesn't collect this information?

If Red Cross does not collect this information from you, you will be unable to receive important communications, we will be unable to ensure appropriate inclusion is provided at the Summit and we will be unable to accurately measure and report on the impact of the Summit.  


You can use a pseudonym or alternative name if you do not wish to provide your name and would like to remain anonymous.

The organisations we usually disclose this information to are 

We may disclose your information to third parties that provide services to us. This includes our third party service providers that provide us with IT, banking and other services which enable us to operate effectively. This also includes professional marketing and fundraising organisations who provide us with letter printing, call centre, email and data analysis services, and similar services. 

Access and correction 

Information about accessing your information and requesting corrections is set out in Red Cross Privacy Policy at You can request a hard copy of our privacy policy by contacting the representative at the top of this form.


Information about how to make a complaint about the handling of your personal information is also in the Red Cross Privacy Policy. You can also complain directly to the Privacy Commissioner at

Will my information be stored offshore? 

Your information will be stored in Australia. Sometimes organisations that we may disclose your information to are located outside Australia. For example, we may disclose your information to service providers in New Zealand, America or Germany.