Summit 2023

Humanitech Summit

Wednesday 17 May 2023
State Library Victoria

Humanitech Summit is Australia’s flagship event at the intersection of technology and humanitarian action.

On Wednesday, 17 May 2023 we held our third annual Humanitech Summit, bringing together leading thinkers across sectors to share ideas and spark new ways of working with technology to benefit people and society.

As an initiative of Australian Red Cross that is supported by Telstra Foundation, the Humanitech Summit offered a full day of free, thought-provoking keynotes, lightning talks and panel discussions on the most incisive ideas to harness the power of technology for good.

Attendees had a chance to discover the innovations influencing the future of humanitarian efforts, from climate intelligence tools tackling extreme heat, to seeing the ‘digital humans’ increasing access to sign language, to learning how First Nations insights are shaping digital identity.

The 2023 Summit program was driven by our Humanity First themes - move at the speed of trust, centre community, and ensure better futures for all - amplifying the most incisive ideas of what it takes to pursue responsible, ethical and inclusive innovation.

Discover the lightning talks, keynotes and panel discussions on humanitarian innovation.

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Prof. Johanna Weaver

Director, ANU Tech Policy Design Centre

Sanushka Mudaliar

Director, Red Cross Red Crescent Global Migration Lab

Lauren Ganley

Head of First Nations Strategy & Engagement, Telstra

Nicholas Davis

Co-Director, Human Technology Institute

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